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Calories and weight loss

There is no lack of mixed messages surrounding calories as they relate to weight loss. Are all calories created equal? Do the types of calories matter as long as I am consuming less than I “burn”. Here is a quick analogy to provide some clarity. Read to the end, because I promise the foods you love still MUST be a part of the process!

If you are hiring 100 people for a company, you probably don’t hire the first 100 people that show up without looking at their resumes. You would probably hire very specific people with specific skillsets that can fulfill what the business needs to be profitable and successful. Your business doesn’t just need people, it needs salesman, marketing minds, managers, etc. If you don’t fill these crucial roles, that business most likely fails. 

Your body is no different. We have departments that only run with specific staff. Without the RIGHT proteins, nutrients and, liquids the body will eventually fail. Failure for the body comes in the form of disease, frequent illness, lack of energy, lack of focus, and bad moods. Just like a business, we don’t shut down day one with the wrong staff, but the conclusion is inevitable. 

What about weight loss specifically? Yes, just by eating less than we burn we may see decreased weight on a scale. I will not argue that fact. What does need to considered is the fact that the right staff in the body helps us burn fat faster, more efficiently, and keeps us feeling better in the process! Is weight loss worth it if it comes with a disease down the line? My personal preference would be to look how I want to and remain healthy. 

Now, let’s bring the fun stuff back in! There is plenty of room for the foods you love. This isn’t about “perfection” or “restriction”. Once you give the body what it needs, enjoy! Back to the analogy. A company will probably still be really successful if 90 of those 100 workers are filling it’s needs. Especially if the remaining 10 workers aren’t necessarily skilled, but they are really funny and nice and bring a positive experience to the work day. That is equally as valuable, and that is why the foods you love must still have a place. I could continue this analogy with why work outings, happy hours, and appreciation days are great for a company even though “selling” isn’t happening during those times, but I think you get the idea. 

Calories are not created equal. The body needs what it needs. Prioritize that first, and there will still be room to love life and see results. 

Have a great weekend!

Mike, MAR Health & Performance

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