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Do Your Warm Ups

It’s what you do before the workout that makes your results stick.

Skipping the warm up might be a trainers biggest nightmare, and we see it all too often.

A person that comes in and B-lines for the treadmill, barely taking off their jacket, and ramps the speed up to a running pace. Or the lifter that grabs some dumbbells and starts going to town on a heavy set.

Warming up is important, but why? “So I don’t get hurt”. Yes, but also way more than that.

Multiple studies published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research conclude that a proper warm up leads to increased results in all categories: increases in weight loss/fat usage, increased strength, increased power output, and increased speed and agility.

Why would that be? Great question. Our nervous system needs to be in the right place in order to execute the signals sent by the brain. If we start too fast, we go into a ‘fight or flight’ state, taking us right out of fat utilization.

If we are trying to build strength but our base isn’t stable, we lose the ability to reach our strength potential and end up staying in the same place.

Get to the gym 5-10 minutes early and get your warm ups in before you start your workout. Do this consistently and let us know how much better your workouts feel and how much better your body feels during and after sessions.

Don’t have a personalized warm up routine and not sure how to program one? Email and schedule your assessment and we will give you some direction.

You are putting in the effort, let’s get the most out of it.

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Michael Ricchio