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MAR Athletes

MAR offers athletic speed, strength, and agility training for athletes ranging from 5th grade through professional levels. Our programs strive to not only help our athletes reach peak sports performance, but also to increase confidence while educating all levels on proper nutrition and lifestyle tactics to help them be their best. Furthermore, we hope to foster an appreciation for health and exercise that will last a lifetime.



The MAR YAD program is for all athletes grades 5th-8th. The goal of this program is to establish and master the fundamentals of speed and strength. These youth athletes should not only see immediate improvement, but feel confident and capable to progress to the high school level.

This program is available Monday-Thursday at 4pm during the school year, and designed to be flexible around your athletes practices and games.

All while speaking to your athletes about healthy eating, sleep, and hydration!



MAR's ColPro program is currently offered as a small group option from May-August, and as a private training option throughout the year. Get the advanced attention and detail you need to be the high performing athlete you are! Our coaches are here to help and advise whether you are in-season or out, in-country or overseas. Join the program for one full offseason and have your jersey added to the wall of fame!

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Our high school group sessions accommodate the modern multiple-sport athlete. Sessions are modified to each athlete, whether you are currently in-season, off-season, or if your specific sport requires any alterations. Get stronger, faster, and more agile while building resiliency to injury and learning about the healthy lifestyle habits you need to be successful.

Sessions currently meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 11am. Summer sessions subject to change and email us for details.