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Redefining “Balance”

Here is the truth: As a coach, lifestyle balance is a tough concept in todays world. What does balance really look like? And what happens when the balance you feel you need doesn’t line up with the results you claim you want?

Let’s consider the 80/20 rule. That is, the concept that says you don’t need to be perfect to see results, you just need to be “good” 80% or more of the time. If you use the analogy of a seesaw (as you’ve heard me do in the past), 80% of the seesaw being near the ground is far from an equally balanced seesaw. However, when most people surveyed think of balance, they do think of more of a 50/50 split. 

Here is the second truth: When it comes to nutrition a 50/50 split of healthy eating to indulgent eating is probably not getting anybody results, regardless of the goal. In fact, that ratio may lead to weight gain and/or disease (eventually). To take this one step further, the book The Passion Paradox talks at length about how successful people in all fields (career, athletics, fitness) are the opposite of what most consider balanced. 

I was recently talking about this topic while on one of our Open Forum calls for the MAR virtual program. One of our members had an amazing response. She noted how this is less about work-life balance, and more about work-life happiness. Meaning, balance is your personal acceptance of how you are spending your time, and probably not a balanced approach on paper. 

Back to fitness. The key is marrying balance with results. There is a ratio where you can experience both! The biggest challenge is finding what that looks like for you. Might that mean some sacrifice? Yes, it probably will. But your results will also bring you happiness that will justify what you may be giving up. IF you REALLY want your goals. And that truly is the golden question. Are your goals something that will bring you true happiness, or would they just be cool to achieve? The former makes any sacrifice worth making, the latter is an uphill battle that is hard to overcome. 

Perhaps we move past the thought of balance, and focus more on happiness and ratios. When happiness comes from BOTH your indulgences and your results, that is when your daily decisions will become significantly less difficult and stressful. 

Have a great weekend!

Mike, MAR Health & Performance

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