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Our Programs

Private training quality. Group training feel


Get stronger. Lose fat. Move better and feel better.

Semi-Private Training

Build strength and integrity with resistance training.

Semi-Private training is our cornerstone at MAR Health & Performance. You will share an experienced trainer with 2-5 of your peers. Receive personalized training within a fun group dynamic.


Private Training

Workout programs completely designed for you. These programs include your one on one sessions with a professional trainer, habit building discussions (sleep, nutrition, lifestyle), and classes are included to compliment your program.

Cardio Classes at MAR

Burn calories, improve your cardiovascular system, and have fun doing it.

Our cardio classes are designed to maximize your fat burning efficiency while improving cardiovascular health. All while still keeping a focus on exercise selection and form.


Core/Movement Classes

Learn how to utilize proper body movements in order to get more out of your workouts. Moving better equals feeling better. These classes will challenge and improve your balance, stability, coordination, and flexibility.