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You’ve tried dieting, but have you tried healthy eating? 

No, they are not the same thing. 

The perspective on healthy eating has taken an ugly turn the past couple decades. At some point consuming healthy foods that our bodies need became “dieting”. 

Think about that. Providing the body the essentials to operate effectively is abnormal! It would be like putting bleach into your car, wondering why it wasn’t working well, then temporarily trying gasoline as a quick fix. Only to go back to bleach again. Doesn’t seem logical, does it?

Nutritious foods aren’t a tool for weight loss. They are the gasoline to our car. The ONLY option for our body to work efficiently. As a byproduct, our body composition stays healthy, we utilize fat better, our brain operates more clearly, and we have the daily energy to crush life. 

What else happens when we eat “healthy” the majority of the time? We get to enjoy indulgences more often and guilt free! Imagine a body that could easily process out the foods we love, leaving us not feeling guilty, bloated, and low energy for days after. The key isn’t giving up the foods you love, it is having a body that can actually handle them. 

Today is about changing your perspective. Don’t force healthy eating to lose weight. Find nutritious foods you enjoy (yes, they exist), eat them more often, then benefit from a better looking body as one of many benefits. 

This is a ratio game. Constantly and consistently put the right gas into your car, and enjoy life more. Not less. 

Have a great Friday and rest of your week! 


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Michael Ricchio