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It may be common, but is it normal? 

We do it all the time. 

“Most people feel that way” or “most people struggle with the same thing”. 

Which may be true, but does that make it acceptable? Just because something is common, does that mean we have to accept it as our normal? Or worse, are we finding comfort in numbers and justifying our unhealthy habits or less than ideal symptoms to continue these bad habits or find acceptance in what we are experiencing. 

Here are things that I would label as common, or even the average: 

– Daily low energy

– Low motivation to be productive. 

– Inability to recall memories or names. 

– Frequent bouts of low level sickness like congestion and colds

– Poor amounts of nutrients from food. 

– Poor amounts of water. 

– Large fluctuations in mood. 

As are these habits: 

– Drinking alcohol more than 1-2 days a week. 

– High levels of screen time, specifically right before bed. 

– Low levels of daily movement, even for those who exercise 30-60 minutes a few days a week. 

All common, NONE of them normal. 

Normal is having full energy every day. Normal is having daily high brain function. Normal is experiencing low level sickness infrequently. 

High functioning individuals are not superior, elite, or even blessed. We are all capable of being the best version of ourselves and finding success in life. All while feeling amazing. The challenge is being able to listen to our body when it is telling us we need a change. Can we recognize what is a negative symptom amongst the commonality of that symptom all around us. 

We even see it in the medical field. As we become less and less healthy as a society what is labelled as “normal” in our medical test results changes as AVERAGE health numbers drop. 

Don’t allow averages to dictate your normal. You deserve better. Listen to your body. If you are in fact tired every day and struggling to find motivation then realize you probably need some life adjustments. Does that mean giving up all alcohol, television, indulgent foods, and quitting your job to live in a gym? Absolutely not. It just means your potential for greatness is being affected by your current choices and you could probably use some tweaks. 

Let’s redefine what is normal. Then let’s strive to achieve it. 

Have a great day and weekend!

Mike, MAR Health & Performance

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