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Choose Your Annoyances

Choose Your Annoyances

The last few months have been filled with amazing bi-monthly meetings with my Lifestyle Coaching clients. Every couple weeks we meet to discuss the successes and challenges since our last conversation. Improving our health is never a linear process. I’d compare it to a trail walk with my kids. We end up stopping or going backwards every twenty feet, but overall we continue progressing forward.

 In the first weeks we start to talk about strategies. There is always some reluctancy to implement some of the tactics. We “don’t have time”, or they are just plain old annoying.

  • Waking up 15 minutes earlier to establish a better morning routine is annoying.
  • Tracking food is annoying.
  • Making a few extra meals to cover the next handful of days is annoying.
  • Making time to get up and move every few hours is annoying.

I don’t necessarily disagree. I’m a huge routine person and by no means do I always knock off my checklist while whistling with a smile on my face (I actually cant whistle, true story). However, I’ve already gone through much bigger annoyances, and I’m betting you have too.

  • Gradually gaining weight is annoying.
  • Wondering why you have aches and pains without any clear reason is annoying.
  • Saying no to activities because you don’t think you can physically handle them is annoying.
  • Feeling frazzled, rushed, and overwhelmed every morning is annoying.

Every day you are making decisions, even by not making them. By choosing to not do the top list you are deciding on the bottom. But you have no contractual obligation to continue making the same choices. You can acknowledge that how we WANT to spend our day to day is not aligning with how we DESERVE to look and feel.

We aren’t talking about fun dinners out, vacations, or some great tv binge watching on a Saturday night. Those are the things we should be making time for. We are talking about micro-dosing a few handfuls of time throughout each day to enjoy the fun events even more. Don’t let 15 minutes here and 5 minutes there take you away from living the way you both want and deserve.

Choose your annoying.

Mike, MAR Health & Performance

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