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A Change in Perspective

The world we live in does not always make it easy to make the decisions that are best for our health. The equal truth is we also don’t always make it easy on ourselves. 

Often, our daily decisions are tied to weight loss alone. We need to or cannot do/eat something because it will derail our goal of losing weight. And by need to or cannot, I mean our brain says we have to or can’t, then typically we eat it that food anyway or still don’t exercise because trial after trial proves these tactics DO NOT WORK. 

Conversely, those who do not wish to lose weight or do not need to lose weight feel they have the green light to make any decision they want. After all, thin is healthy? Right? Wrong. Well, maybe wrong. A thin person is just as likely to be unhealthy as a person who is carrying more weight than society deems acceptable. Obesity is a sign of poor health, but not the only sign. 

What if we chose a different angle? What if tried to make the following perspective changes: 

Instead of “I’m going to eat a salad today because I have to to lose weight” you try “I’m going to eat a meal that includes greens and veggies because if I do I will have more energy and feel less heavy and bloated the rest of the day”. 

Instead of “I can’t eat that because it will stop me from losing weight” I change it to “Maybe I won’t have that food or portion size right now because I have a lot I want to accomplish today and I don’t want to feel sluggish and tired the remainder of the afternoon”. 

Or (one more) what if instead of “I have to wake up to go to the gym because, you know, weight loss” you remind yourself “If I go to the gym this morning, and do a workout that is just slightly over my comfort zone but not miserably uncomfortable, I will have way more energy the rest of the day, which will lead to more productivity and decreased stress in my life.”

What if this change in perspective made every decision easier? What if this change in perspective brought consistency to your life? Do you know what would happen? Weight loss! Along with a decreased risk of disease, more energy, better mood, and increased productivity towards your other goals. To those people who do not want to or need to lose weight, aren’t those final four items still appealing? 

Stop fighting the same battle over and over. Try a different approach. I’m not asking you to change what is important to you, I’m asking you to realize the multiple other benefits healthy decisions bring. When you can see the bigger picture, your main goals become much more achievable. 

Have a great day and weekend!

Mike, MAR Health & Performance

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