Thank you page - MAR Health & Performance

Welcome to the MAR LifeStyle!

Congrats, you're in! You have just completed the most important step: Taking action.

The Challenge begins 1/17/22. Before then please complete the following:

1. Watch this video: "Awareness week" is a crucial part of this program and your success!

2. Join the MAR LifeStyle Facebook Page. Click this link and press "Join Group". You will be let in on January 10th (the start of the challenge).

3. Check your junk/spam folders! Make sure to add to your contacts and move any junk emails into your inbox.

4. On January 10th, watch the video pinned to the top of the Facebook group to kickoff your week.

5. Mark your calendar: At 6:30pm cst on January 10th, 2022 there will be an Open Forum zoom call for you and the other participants. This call is a chance for me to meet you and get to hear your story. The link will be posted on the Facebook Page on the 10th.

6. Participate! The people who have the most success are those who communicate with the group, ask questions, and follow the advice.

7. Invite friends! Know anybody who could benefit from this program? Send them to and go to 'Online Programs' to register.

I hope you are as excited as I am! I truly love watching people succeed and looking forward to seeing the start of what will be a long line of success for you. Remember, you get what you put in! Stay focused on the day to day, and you will do great!

See you next week!