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Adult Fitness Programs

Expect Something Different

Your program is composed from one or more of the services below. It's determined by the findings in your MAR//Fit Strategy session and your goals.

Do you have something specific you'd like to improve on? Maybe you like to workout by yourself or don't want to share your trainer with anyone else.

These programs provide a private, individualized experience where your trainer is focused on you and you alone.

50-55 min. sessions

Strength comes in many packages. Our Semi-Private resistance training sessions are designed and packaged specifically for you.
Increase muscle mass and tone while shedding fat and improving balance and flexibility.
Each Semi-Private Training session is a full body resistance training session comprised of 1 personal trainer and up to 5 members.
50-55 min. sessions

A core training class with movement quality as the objective. Take this opportunity to improve stability, flexibility and balance while getting a good workout.

These are great complimentary classes to do on off days or to work on improving certain aspect of your movement.

50-55 min. classes

Expect to work up a sweat and burn some fat.

This cardiovascular workout takes you through a number of circuits using bikes, rowers, sleds, ropes and body weight exercises. The objective here is to get your heart rate into the right zones for the right amount of time so you are burning more fat and less muscle.

45 min class