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Don’t Wait Until Monday

Why you shouldn’t wait until Monday

It’s just so easy to say, isn’t it? Monday is clean, it’s easy, its when new things are supposed to start, right?

We would beg to differ, and will tell you why without any “there is no time like the present” or “no better day than today!” cliches. (Though both are true).

Did you know that one single bout of exercise can help you make better decisions? If you search the topic under Google Scholar right now, you will see many examples, from medical students making better clinical decisions to soccer players being smarter on the field.

Add in the natural mood elevation of exercise and what do we have? We have the potential to make better decisions on food, drinks, and how we spend our time.

Did you know that exercise increases our amount of deep, quality sleep? The weekend is coming up. You have the time to catch up on some much needed snoozin’.

Want to feel more energy on Monday? Start exercising at the end of the previous week and see how much better you feel.

Do you know what else starts on Monday? EVERYTHING. Everyone waited to send you important emails until Monday morning. Your bosses or employees didn’t want to bother you before the weekend, so they waited until Monday. Your kids need to get back into the swing of school and you are waking up early for the first time in a few days.

Whatever your situation, typically Monday is the day where you will run into the most distractions and reasons to NOT exercise.

You know what happens then? You decide to wait until next Monday. And the cycle continues.
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Michael Ricchio