Covid-19 - MAR Health & Performance


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Our Covid-19 Protocol

Keeping our members safe and comfortable is our 1st priority

It's A Challenging Time For Everyone, Especially If Exercise Is Your Outlet Or You're In The Process Of Reaching Your Personal Health And Fitness Goals

We want you to know that we take the current Pandemic seriously. We want you to keep working toward your goals and we want you to do it in a safe and comfortable environment.

We have 6000 square feet of space with 17' ceilings.

"It's about as close to being outdoors as you can get."

We never have more than 20-25 people in the facility at one time. We keep things clean, we keep the HVAC running and doors open whenever possible.

Our current protocol is as follows:

-Everyone wears a mask upon entering the facility and is required to have their mask on if they are not in their designated workout area

-Everyone's temperature is checked when entering the facility

-Lockers and showers are off limits and bathrooms can be used if requested

-No space or equipment is shared. Everyone stays in their own workout pod with their own equipment and disinfects the entire area when done.


If you have questions or concerns please click the button below and schedule a phone call.