Covid-19 - MAR Health & Performance
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Our Covid-19 Protocol

Keeping you safe and comfortable is our 1st priority.

At MAR Health & Performance, you can keep working toward your goals and do it in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our boutique setting makes it easy to ensure proper spacing and cleanliness.

We have an open & airy 6000 square feet of space with 17' ceilings.

Our current protocol includes:

  • We never have more than 25 people in the facility at one time. 

  • Everyone wears a mask upon entering the facility and remains masked.

  • Everyone's temperature is checked when entering the facility.

  • All equipment is disinfected when finished.

  • Our ventilation system remains on.

  • Our doors remain open whenever possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please click the button below to schedule a phone call.